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When designing our baby girl’s nursery, I wanted to be very intentional with how I decorated it. I didn’t want a cheesy theme or to fill it with things that I just grabbed off of a store shelf. I wanted it to be filled with things that carried meaning. Of COURSE, there are a few Target finds but so much of it was handmade by me or a loved one! One of my favorite parts of her nursery is a floral embroidery created by my sister. I know so much love went into making it and it is the perfect touch of color! Her shelves are also filled with a couple of old cameras that belonged to my grandpa, a fabric doll handmade by my grandma, a quote hand lettered by me and a simple little cloud made by my cousin who is no longer with us. I can feel so much love when I’m in there and these things don’t just feel like things. I love that this room can grow right along with her! I hope you enjoy a little peek into my favorite room in our house!


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